Individual Work While Lying Down

Individual work is the most common setting for conscious breathing, because it offers the possibility to selectively deal with your individual needs and problems in a protected environment, addressing your depths and helping you advance effectively.


Fully dressed, you are lowered onto the breathing sofa. The teachers/ therapists will use their hands and words to help you perceive and feel your body and your breathing. They work with stroking movements, mobilising, expanding and pressing. The hands convey security and provide stability, so that you can let yourself go and unwind internally. Or the hands will challenge you by countering your breathing movements with finely calibrated opposing pressure; you will have to respond to this pressure, internally and spontaneously. Your unique and individual breathing rhythm is always respected. Over time, your breathing movement becomes more free, getting more space and power. You perceive your sensations, feelings and thoughts more clearly and distinctly. You will find peace and find yourself.