Breathing lessons and hands-on sessions in Brussels

My work follows the method of conscious & free breathing developed by Ilse Middendorf and Erika Kemmann in Berlin. This method

... rids us of inhibiting body tensions and brings us closer to ourselves. It helps in case of stress, burnout, depression, anxiety and chronic tenseness.

... improves the voice.

.... can be used with functional respiratory disorders and respiratory malformations (hyperventilation, high respiration, paradoxical diaphragmatic breathing, respiratory arrhythmia) and respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD). 

Our body-consciousness improves and our breathing becomes deep and free.


Sitting or standing, we execute simple body movements and manipulations on our selves which promote the natural flow of breath.

When we breathe in, the diaphragm contracts and sinks. The abdominal organs are pressed into the pelvis and against the abdominal walls. At the same time, the ribs rise and the chest expands. When we breathe out, the body walls swing back. Alternately we become wide and narrow.

Regular practice - in class and at home - improves the permeability of the body to the breathing movements, makes our respiratory system stronger and brings us in contact with our inner ressources.


Fully dressed, you lie down on the breathing coach. With my hands and words I help you to perceive your body and your breathing. I apply fine pressure, stroke, stretch and mobilise. Space arises and your breath becomes free and starts to flow. 


I was born in 1967 in the Black Forest in Germany. I graduated from the Erika Kemmann Institute of Respiratory Education in Berlin. I am recognised as a therapist and teacher by the Professional Association BVA. I also studied drama, movement and dance education.

My teaching experience was gained at the Stuttgart Further Education College, at the Training Organisation of Employers of Baden-Württemberg, at the Erika Klütz School for Dance Education in Hamburg, at the drama school „De Kleine Academie“ and the university “La Cambre“ in Brussels and at different municipal institutions in Flanders.



Metro-line 1 stop Tomberg, bus 28 and tramway 8 stop Voot

Easy parking (with parking disc) in rue Madyol and in front of the church Saint-Lambert

Ring at "pièce côté jardin"