Classes are open to everyone. The content of a class depends on the participants present.

Start whenever you want and come to practice at your own pace!

Limited number of participants. Please register at least 2 days before the session.

Monday 18:00-19:15:

  • 6 December
  • 20 December

Thursday 9:30-10:45:

  • 9 December

Sunday, 10:00-11:15:

  • 12 December

€ 15 (10*) per class

"Breathing afternoon", Saturday 14:00-17.00:

  • 11 December

€ 32 (26*) € per afternoon

Attention: unlike all other courses, the "breathing afternoons" take place at the Centre de Méditation Bouddhiste Tibétain, rue Capouillet 33, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Metro Louise.

The reduced price* applies to students, jobseekers...

Please wear comfortable clothes or bring them along. We work without shoes. A second pair of thick socks can be useful.

Course languages: French, German, English and Dutch, depending on the participants present.

Don't take part if you are feeling unwell or if you are caring for a person infected with Covid-19!

The room is large enough for the minimum security distance to be respected. 

Hydro-alcoholic gel is available.