The Method of Conscious & Free Breathing

... Gets rid of inhibiting body tensions and blockages, opens up our joints, gets us going again. It leads to good muscle tone (healthy tight muscles, which allow breathing movement to take place without hindrance) and a good, balanced posture.

... Helps relieve the feeling of a tight chest. Breathing work gives our breathing space and power. It enables free and deep breathing.

... Dissolves posture-caused back and neck pain and has an impact on degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

... Improves our body consciousness, our physical presence and aura. We learn to accept ourselves in our bodies, to feel comfortable within them.

... Improves the voice and vocal expression and is ideal for actors, singers and public speakers.

... Strengthens our self-healing powers.

... Teaches us to concentrate and brings us peace. It provides support and stabilisation in cases of psycho vegetative stress and exhaustion (insomnia, anxiety, chronic tenseness, burnout, migraines), psychosomatic disorders and anxiety. It helps with stagefright.

... Is concomitantly used in psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety).

... Is concomitantly used with functional respiratory disorders and respiratory malformations (hyperventilation, high respiration, paradoxical diaphragmatic breathing, respiratory arrhythmia) and respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema).

... Contributes to personality development: we learn vitality and joy, stability and security. Our self-esteem is strengthened. Our open-mindedness and creativity are encouraged. We find our authentic expression.

Breathing work allows us to experience our strength and resources. It contributes to vitality and serenity in everyday life, to the ability to engage in human contact and set boundaries.